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Anxiety, Overwhelm, Burnout.

The effects of stress are crippling. Health issues, insomnia and resistance can shut down your ability to think clearly, take action and perform at your best. This hands-on book is full of proven, unique, cutting-edge tools to help you transform your stress into success.

This book is definitely a must-have for busy, stressed people everywhere.
— Robert Murray - Best-Selling Author, Global Speaker, Business Strategist
This is not merely another book to add to the collection. It is undoubtedly one of the most insightful, intuitive and stabilizing “tools” that I have in my personal - remain sane - toolbox. Each exercise that the Author provides has proven to be quick, doable and has made a massive impact on my stress levels. It’s an absolute must have!
— Penny L Sampson ~ Communication Activist + Creative Strategist