I believe we all have superpowers.

Mine is freeing you from stress and anxiety, so you can get those creative passions out in a way that makes your mama proud.

I will also help you find the deeper meaning of why you do what you do, because that clarity has a way of enriching your gifts and getting you where you are going in a much bigger way.

You know all about being coached, branded, marketed and launched. So do I.  Likely we have both experienced the wild adrenaline rush of dreams and visions coming true, and how that triggers our nerves and self doubt.  

What I learned ( the hard way ) was that you don't want to leave your nervous system behind when you are moving forward fast.  Taking care of that internal operating system is essential. If you don't get it on board it's going to become your saboteur by creating health and emotional breakdowns.

Breakdown was exactly what my colleagues and myself experienced when we signed up in coaching programs, and that is exactly what inspired me to come up with some solutions.  Because nothing makes me more unhappy than finding out about those heartbreaking behind the scene struggles.

I found my specialization in trauma combined with my experiential learning from Shamans and healers, created just the right prescription for success. Especially for those who are putting it all out there to make a big difference in the world.

My impact creates your impact.

For the past 10 years I have coached, taught, and mentored people from all over the globe.  During that time I have fine-tuned my own process I call the Dow Method.

I am known for helping musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, TED Talk presenters, executives, speakers, olympic athletes and many other extraordinary souls get their stress under wraps and saboteurs under control, so they can nail that performance. Every time.



In my 40's it all looked good from the outside. I had three kids, house, dog, husband, and health care career. My life was full. I was dedicated to my family, work, and I filled my spare time with karate and running. But inside was a different story. Since a very young age I had been massively shy and introverted. 

I grew up with overwhelming anxiety and fears that would shut me down and make me sick. Opportunities such as school concerts, plays, speaking up in class, would often make me ill from anxiety that kept me home from school.

The free spirit in me wanted to socialize, connect with others and be out in the world, but stress was my constant companion. By mid life, the years of trying to manage the anxiety and health issues were taking a toll, and I found myself breaking down emotionally, spiritually, and most of all physically.

Illnesses were piling on top of each other.  Endometriosis, heart palpitations, hair loss, digestive ailments, interstitial cystitis, eczema, food and environmental allergies, and finally a burning rash was spreading over most of my body. It appeared that my life, the way I had known it, was coming to an end.  My body was raging with illness, my marriage was now failing, and work was draining the last bit of my soul.

I could no longer pretend I was well. I had to be courageous, stop looking after everyone else, and for the first time start looking after me. So I did, and the first step was to quit my job.  After 25 years working in the hospital I had seen much heartbreak, illness, and death.  It left me with a strong sense that there was much more to healing than our western medicine could address.  I was determined to learn more so I could find answers to my health issues.

I started to explore the world of alternative medicine and eventually found myself seeing a Shaman, and Bodytalk practitioner, and a Chinese Dr.  Miraculously, within a short time my rash was calming, endometriosis pain was easing and I began to find hope.   I then spent the next 10 years learning all I could in the worlds of spirituality, energy medicine, and the nervous system.

I began a two-year apprenticeship in Shamanism, where I fasted alone in the forest on a vision quest. I traveled to workshops and training's where I participated in rituals and ceremonies and found a deep connection with the healing world of nature. My spirit was starting to return.

I then added a 3 year training in  Somatic Experiencing ®  that led me into a deep exploration of the nervous system.  Here I experienced a massive and profound change in my stress and anxiety, the sense of relief was overwhelming. I felt like I had found the key to true transformation from my exhausting struggle with anxiety.

Miraculously I could now speak and perform with an ease I had never experienced before. This powerful method now became the foundation of the work I offered to my clients. I had been initiated, attuned, mentored, coached, guided and certified, but what was most astonishing was what happened to my life during that time.

My marriage not only recovered but grew stronger than it had ever been. As I worked closely with a homeopath my allergies vanished, my skin cleared and heart grew strong. My endometriosis had disappeared completely and all without western medical intervention.  I gained deep compassion and understanding for myself and my life experiencesand first hand knowledge of how the body heals.

Most powerful of all, was my ability to feel relaxed and have a deeper sense of connection to the world and people around me after all the years of internal stress and chaos in my body.  I now felt confident and calm enough to be living the passions I had dreamed about for so many years.  

Today I play in a band, perform in a dance group, write, teach, have a business where I am "visible", and finally let out all of the of the quirky sides of me. No where in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that I could find this kind of ease in my life.

It seemed that everything I had learned and experienced had led me into developing the system I use today, that I call The Dow Method.  There is absolutely nothing I love more than helping to create opportunities for others to allow their uniqueness, expression and creative talents out in the world in a way they had never done before.

In case you want to know more about the most frightening thing I have ever done, along with some fun facts about me click here..




Sandy Dow is a coach, author, intuitive, teacher, and Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She is the creator of a transformational coaching method called “The Dow Effect”, a potent blending of spiritual practices and cutting edge nervous system management techniques, offering revolutionary breakthroughs for her clients.

Sandy’s 25-year background in healthcare, experience teaching spirituality at a local college and working at a addiction facility for adolescent girls provided her with a strong foundation in the helping field. This eventually evolved into a practice providing trauma-sensitive success coaching. Since then Sandy has mentored, taught and coached hundreds of clients international and locally.

Her writing has been published in Elephant Journal and she stays busy sharing her stress management tips on radio, video, and stage. Currently, she can be found backstage providing performance horsepower for TED talk speakers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes, including a multiple award-winning Paralympian.

In her downtime, Sandy can be found playing samba in the streets with her band, juggling for her granddaughter, attending music festivals, and whispering to trees.

A true vocation calls us out beyond ourselves; breaks our heart in the process and then humbles, simplifies and enlightens us about the hidden, core nature of the work that enticed us in the first place.
— David Whyte