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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ― Maya Angelou


Nick Sol

Songwriter | Musician | Promoter

Sandy has made an incredible impact on me in a very short time. I have worked one on one with Sandy and can say that she is one of the most effective and powerful mentors that I have experienced. I have worked with multiple spiritual teachers and personal coaches, but Sandy has a unique approach that I have not found anywhere else. I find myself using her strategies throughout my day and continue to see improvements with my comfort level in front of an audience. As a result of working with her, I have had the courage to make life changing decisions that have positively impacted my health, personal relationships and creative work. I would recommend Sandy Dow to anyone that is interested in authentic self expression, letting go of limiting beliefs and developing an empowering sense of clarity for your life. Thank you Sandy!


Summer Shatta

Speaker / Author / Therapist

As a Ted Speaker the pressure to perform and do it really well is huge. You allow your heart to be broken open as you speak your truth with no shame, and it can leave you feeling like mush!

Sandy's sublime presence and “I got your back” attitude, held me strong and prepared me for one of my best speaking engagements ever.

When a big gush of fear hit just 15 min before my talk,  Sandy gently and swiftly guided me to take my power back while allowing the emotions to move out of me. Sandy's method allowed me to centre, focus, and feel grounded which allowed me to shine my light and speak my truth fully.    

Thank you Sandy 


Heather Pennell

Intuitive Photographer & Brand Strategist

As an intuitive I deal with the benefits and the challenges of being highly sensitive. One of the biggest issues that I was struggling with before working with Sandy Dow was anxiety. Her specific tools were both gentle and effective in connecting me back into my power while relieving the survival mode stress my body would default into. Not only was she able to help me with my anxiety, but she always found a way to guide me back into connection with my higher self.

After every session I felt a sense of ease, understanding, and peace in my life again. I would recommend Sandy to anyone that is looking to let go of the cellular, energetic and emotional blocks preventing them from fully standing in their power and is looking to reconnect to their true purpose in life.


Kathy Daily

Executive Coach | Consultant

Sandy has the key to unlock fears and transform them into powers. Her coaching helped me speak in front of an international TV marketing audience appearing relaxed, focused and confident. And Sandy is so much fun to work with!






Helen Dunn

Registered Clinical Counsellor

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor I have learned and been exposed to a wide variety of therapeutic treatments for helping clients find relief from emotional suffering. In my experience, those treatments that are most effective take into consideration the totality of a client's experience, and are delivered in a compassionate and respectful manner.

The work that Sandy Dow does with her clients goes above and beyond these requirements. I have witnessed first hand Sandy's professional, experienced, capable and gentle treatment of her clients. I have referred several of my clients to her when I feel like I cannot help them in the same way that Sandy can. I highly recommend her for any of life's challenges, particularly healing from trauma, anxiety and depression and making leaps into life changes that may currently seem impossible.

If you feel like you have tried everything before, that you can't stand telling your story to one more therapist, or can't bear to read one more self-help book and yet you remain defeated and in pain, I highly recommend that Sandy work with you to shift your experience into one of growth, health and healing.


Chris Sol

Musician | Writer


True creativity requires freedom from inner criticism and anxiety. For a long time, I’ve struggled with blocks in songwriting and belief in my own music, scrapping pages of lyrics, over and over again;  fresh excitement turning into depression.
My sessions with Sandy helped me recognize and understand what was really beneath all of that. She brilliantly blends the realms of spirit and emotional science to connect you with your true self, and master your process.
In just one week during my first two calls with her, I wrote 3 brand new songs – effortlessly – that were more “ME” than anything I’d written in the last 10 years. Because she’s helped me discover peaceful, authentic ground in my body, I’m finally creating music that I love to share. Thank You, Sandy, for this open conduit between the un-manifest and my instruments.


Melinda Blair

Personal Success Mentor

Sandy has an amazing ability to create a beautiful and sacred space in which she bears witness to what is to most pressing to me in the moment.  Her skills allow her to drop beneath my story into what is really going on below the surface.  She helps me understand the challenges I am going through from the perspective of what is happening in my nervous system, as well as from a spiritual perspective. Sandy also helps me to honour and witness the younger parts of myself that can cause frustration and ultimately get in the way of my success.

As a coach myself I have a huge respect for the incredible way Sandy can remain objective, calm, and present when I am going through deep processes,  as I know that this is not easy! 

Exploring the Shamanic world with Sandy has provided me with increased confidence, a deeper sense of purpose, and an understanding of the infinite possibilities I am capable of.  Learning how to tap into the primordial power of this deeper ancestral wisdom helps me explore the other facets of our world that had not been available to me until this time.

After our sessions I not only feel more comfortable in my own skin, but also calm, connected and back on purpose, and I know how much my nervous system absolutely needs that stillness. Sandy has a beautiful way of reminding me of who I inherently am, who I came here to be, and then helping me to own it.


Ashly Wolf


Working with Sandy allowed me to more fully heal my traumas and triggers in order to connect with the scared part of myself that yearned to be heard.

I received concrete and tangible tools to implement in my daily life in order to reduce the physical stress and uncomfortable sensations I was experiencing in my body, as well as guidance and insight on how to connect with my deeper energetic and spiritual core. This has allowed me to continue to grow and heal, uninhibited


Penny L Sampson

Assertiveness Trainer | Consultant | Creative Strategist

Founder of the #CLEVERBITCH™ brand

Prior to a launch for a new program, I had the privilege of working with Sandy Dow and experiencing firsthand the depth of her skills.  I was blown away by her ability to quickly assist me in finding inner calm when my external environment and business demands were so high.

As a woman who runs on a high energy, full throttle attitude, having Sandy on my resource team is invaluable.


Greg Drummond

Musician | Songwriter

It can be a daunting task building a career in the arts while still finding time to be creative. Sandy has shown me a unique and intuitive set of tools to help me realign my creative flow and manage the balance between my personal and career aspirations. 

Sandy is warm and inviting, and after her sessions I have always felt grounded and I have gained a strong sense of self-identity since. During performance the audience shares the energy emitted from the performer on stage. It is important for the performer to feel confident and passionate about what they do—Sandy has guided me to this beautiful place.

I would recommend Sandy’s services to any musician or performer attempting to take control of their artistic career. I am thankful for her guidance.


Katherine McClelland

Coach | Mentor | Speaker

Sandy Dow works uniquely. In all my varied experiences with mentors, teachers and coaches, I have never experienced this type of process before, and Sandy's particular approach has supported me immensley.  She has the ability to check in and see where I am immediately, assess what kind of assistance I need the most, and then give me guidelines and instructions to support me fully. I feel blessed to have Sandy in my life.
She is a powerful woman with a deep heart and beautiful spirit, and has helped me integrate these tools into my life in a way that has allowed a freedom of self expression that would not have been possible on my own. It is a blessing as I have waited my whole life to be able to do so, I am deeply grateful and  forever indebted to her.


Danielle Whims

Canine massage therapist

Sandy Dow’s unique and gifted counsel and guidance has been a breakthrough in my life for many years.  Her ability to unlock my mental blocks and untrue stories has allowed me to grow into a successful entrepreneur. When I have run into self defeating thoughts Sandy has given me tools I need to break out of ruts and then shoot  forward into success.  In my opinion every business minded person needs someone like Sandy in their tool box, her services are invaluable. It is amazing to have Sandy in my corner through the tough decision times on the path in my career.  It has given me the confidence and knowledge that I am capable and deserving of success and happiness.  I have read dozens of business and self help books but nothing has helped me more than spending time with this beautiful woman


Janice Benna

I initially sought out Sandy Dow's unique healing sessions for general life stresses. At the beginning of a session I would feel burdened, and would leave feeling light!Sandy helped me learn how to work with and understand the physical pain, emotional "stuff", memories, trauma and negative thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back in many areas of my life. 

When I  had decided it was time to launch my own business(es),  like most people/women I had fears.....some I knew about, some I didn't.

Sandy gently and effectively helped me "unearth" what limited me, guided me through "the work" and helped me connect with my passions and leave my negative self talk and sabotaging behind.

I would recommend Sandy and her uniquely effective work to anyone desiring better for themselves. Personal or business, love or success.....they are all one really.

Sandy Dow is one piece of the puzzle you will be glad you found!

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Alissa Martin

Yoga Instructor

A session with Sandy is like coming home... literally to my own body. She listens intently and guides expertly into the exact place where the most healing can happen. As a yoga instructor, I work with bodies every day. Paying attention to so many other bodies and nervous systems can sometimes have me forgetting my own, especially when triggered. Sandy has supported me through some times in my life when my nervous system was in overdrive and I was healing some deep-seated fears and trauma. Her intuitive, nurturing nature makes for the perfect amount of support while leaving space for the natural unfolding of whatever wants to be expressed and/or healed. I highly recommend Sandy's assistance for finding the way home. From there the possibilities are endless!

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Derek Rhode

Owner WiseOne Superfoods

Working with Sandy Dow the ‘Dow Effect’ method has brought me a lot of clarity and ease in many moments that helped me with decisions, finding clarity and taking steps with confidence. I would recommend to any entrepreneur, whether they are just starting a project, or with years of experience to work with Sandy and discover how the inner world affects their success in the outer world, and how working within is often as important as the outer creative work to allow us to reach our achievements.

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Phoenix Muranetz

Sandy helped coach me in preparation for my talk on Sensuality & Success for DreamQueens - a Women's Networking Event. First working on the phone, she lovingly guided me in addressing my fears around speaking my message, had me locate where this fear existed within my body, and helped me ground into my body and ultimately my truth. When it came time to speak onstage - her techniques helped bring me into the present moment & enjoy the experience of sharing my message to the audience. I really can't thank you enough for the grounding session. You're up to some fabulous work in Vancouver!


Madhuri Phillips

Speaker | Author | Teacher

When I worked with Sandy she was fully present and had a deep sensitivity and awareness of the subtleties of blockages surrounding speaking. The space she provides is vast and safe. I would highly recommend working with Sandy!




Alyson Groll

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Sandy is a gifted healer and an intuitive.  I am always able to find clarity when I work with her and this is not easy for me in my life. She is so present when I am sharing that I can literally feel as she absorbs what I am saying, ponders it and senses it with her being before she offers guidance or support. I genuinely feel heard and seen and I can deeply sense the care and empathy in her.  The energy she offers is so unique and special. I have not met anyone quite like her, it is hard to put into words. There is a rare feeling I get when I am in her presence that runs so deep in me, as I know she is connected to a deeper source. There is a wisdom in Sandy that you can connect to. I am so grateful I have her in my life


Jamie Lee Mock

Working with Sandy proved to be eye-opening, healing and challenging in the best way. With her guidance and support, I was able to uncover and move through what felt like a heaviness. A stagnation that was holding me back and keeping me scared. Her style of work, practice and techniques are gentle yet powerful and would prove beneficial for anyone looking to address tough decisions, traumas, or personal road blocks.





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