More about me.


The challenges.


- I faced the most intense fear of my life when I concluded a Shamanic apprenticeship by doing a vision quest.  I spent days inside a sacred circle in the freezing rain in a tiny tent, while fasting. I had only a journal, pen, and a few tea lights to ease my tortured mind with the endless hours alone. Terror filled thoughts, hunger, and frightening visions were my companions, finally disappearing to leave me with birdsong, shining droplets of water, and a mind full of stillness.  Who was I after it was done?  Someone who had touched into the darkness deeply enough to now know peace on a level that can not be described. 

- I earned a black belt in karate in my early forties.  I tried to throw the towel in so many times I lost count, from the exhaustion and lack of faith in myself, but my Sensei's words “excuses are for losers”  never stopped ringing in my ears.  Karate was apparently not about battling others, but about learning to wrestle with my own determination. I won that wrestling match.

- I have 3 children who raised me to be a mom.  I thought being a parent was going to be all about me teaching them how to find themselves, but apparently I was the student and they were my teachers.  It took a long time, but parenting became much easier when I got that lesson. 

- I faced multiple health challenges throughout my life.  From a young age I had severe allergies that kept me isolated from the world.  As time went on I lived through rashes,  digestive ailments, endometriosis, cardiac symptoms, hair loss and more.  After years of struggle I realized that western medicine was not for me. I left it behind and turned to alternative therapies and watched my health change rapidly and profoundly. My hunger to learn all I could about healing was born.


My training.


- I am a certified Somatic Experiencing ® Practitioner.  That means I help people to connect deeper with their bodies.  Trauma is something that happens to all of us, and it creates an impact on our relationship with our body. The more we can repair our connection to it,  the more we can show up in the world in the way we want to.  This modality profoundly changed my life and could change yours. 

- I spent 25 years working in health care, witnessing life, death, birth, accidents, and illness in a way that left me hungry to learn about what was missing in western medicine. Eventually I quit, and spent the next 10 years learning all I could about how energy, the nervous system, and healing the spirit, can then heal the body.

- I worked in a treatment facility for adolescent girls with addictions. They taught me a whole lot about compassion and patience; while I introduced them to another side of recovery with yoga, drumming, spirit connections and love.

- I spent years studying and apprenticing  with Shamans, at home and abroad which deeply influences the way I work.


The fun stuff.



- I was a co-author of the bestselling book "In Pursuit of the Divine, Written Stories to Empower a Woman's Soul" and learned I have a passion for writing.

- I am a musician in a Brazilian street band, and performed as a cancan dancer!  My nervous system has come a long road to overcoming stage fright, and now I own my fierce love of being a performer. 

- I left my family behind to experience Burning Man when I was 55, and was radically altered by an entire culture of people who expressed themselves freely. It gave me the guts to be way more me.

- I ran a marathon when I was 38, and found out it was not much about being able to run for a long time, but all about how to overcome the demons in your mind that tell you that you can't.

- I challenged myself to juggle every day for a year. The result?  No invitation to join the circus, but I can now do a trick!