Do you ever Wonder why you keep showing up as less than you really are?

A lot of us do. Have you ever noticed the explosion of self help books and courses?  We are a society consumed with making ourselves better.  

Here is what I know. If your I-want-it-now quest for personal amazingness is falling short of helping you make that million, find your love or succeed at that revolutionary business you may be missing some critical information. 

There is such a thing as an upper limit to success. And there is a way through. 


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Starting a business is a roller coaster. You need to look after more details that you have time for, keep your cool and continue believing in yourself throughout all the roadblocks that come your way.  Find out more about how to smooth the path, replace your stress with smiles and create the launch of a lifetime!


When you get that opportunity to shine on the stage you want make sure it will be a performance like no other. You don't want your confidence to be overrun by your nerves! This empowering program will going to give you an opportunity to rock your performance like never before.



Have you ever noticed that just when you are ready to start dating again that  doubts, fears and panic take over? Or perhaps you are ready to throw in the towel after too many disappointments. Experience completely new possibilities for relationship in this program.

“Working with Sandy and the ‘Dow Effect’ method has given me a clarity and ease that helps me feel confident about the decisions I need to make in my business”
— Derek Rhode - Owner Wise One Super Foods

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“Sandy has shown me a unique and intuitive set of tools to help me realign my creative flow and manage the balance between my personal and career aspirations. I would recommend Sandy’s services to any musician or performer attempting to take control of their artistic career.”
— Greg Drummond - Singer, Songwriter, Musician