Does stress get in your way of becoming the you of your dreams?

For a lot of us it does. We are a society consumed with making ourselves better.  

Here is what I know. If your I-want-it-now quest for personal amazingness is falling short of helping you make that million, find your love or succeed at that revolutionary business, you may be missing some critical information. 

Fun is one key component and I share many more tips in my new book, Thriving in Chaos.


In my life as a busy author, business executive and international speaker, I live in perpetual chaos and Mrs. Dow has hit the nail on the head for busy people everywhere. She delivers easy to use techniques to boost your energy, focus attention, recharge after a crazy day or instantly relieve stress. I love the tips that I can use while I am sitting in a meeting room or on a stage in front of hundreds of people – without the audience even know I am doing it!

This book is definitely a must have for busy, stressed people everywhere.
— Robert Murray Best-Selling Author, Global Speaker, Business Strategist

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“Sandy has shown me a unique and intuitive set of tools to help me realign my creative flow and manage the balance between my personal and career aspirations. I would recommend Sandy’s services to any musician or performer attempting to take control of their artistic career.”
— Greg Drummond - Singer, Songwriter, Musician