Training your brain to respond to stress like a zen master.

Would you love to be able to offset the cumulative effects of modern day stress from your brain and nervous system? Neuroptimal Neurofeedback is a cutting edge technology that enhances your brain’s performance, offering long lasting resilience and a host of other benefits.

During a session you get to kick back and listen to relaxing music while the activity of your brain is monitored by sensors which pick up on areas that are not responding optimally. The program then offers suggestions to the brain on how to make improvements.

Over time, you can start to notice yourself calmly observing situations that used to push all your buttons. Amazing.

Like going to the gym, this is training, with the results building over time, 10-20 sessions providing the most optimal results. For more info check

How does it work?

I am blown away by how the Neuro Feedback Machine has changed my life so far. I had heard about the benefits, but never could have imagined how helpful it would be. Sandy provides such a comfortable and safe space that incorporates more than just Neurofeedback. I now feel like I have a grip on my anxiety/depression and am back in control. Its helped me actually change my behaviours and execute on goals I’ve wanted to achieve. Where before I felt like I couldn’t start anything or get going. I look forward to our sessions as it is a truly healing experience of the body, mind and soul.
— Denielle M.

My Story.

I’ve always been someone who’s had a hard time asking for what I needed.

Asking for support from a friend or my partner would evoke a fear in me that would shut my voice down. The same fear would uncomfortably prevent me from making decisions or taking steps in my career.

Eventually, I learned my nervous system was feeling under threat in those moments, putting the brakes on and intercepting my ability to speak up or make a move.

What I did not expect was how neurofeedback training would improve my life by changing how my brain reacted to stressful situations.

Quite simply, Neuroptimal neurofeedback has the ability to sense the parts of the brain that are under stress and gently offers suggestions to help train the nervous system to respond with ease to situations that would have previously shut it down.

Results? For me, after several months of sessions I found myself with the confidence to speak up and ask for what I need as well as move forward and make solid decisions without doubting myself.

I was simply astonished.

It didn’t take me long to jump on the opportunity to invest in purchasing my own machine so I could continue my journey and offer sessions to my clients.

New possibilities. New potential. New you.

I feel living in the modern world, any help to calm the nervous system is welcomed with open arms. Before beginning neurofeedback sessions with Sandy, I noticed my focus was cloudy, regardless of the variety of practices I did to help. After about 4 neurofeedback sessions, I began to notice clarity and awareness. No more clouded focus and a greater ability to respond, as opposed to react, to my current environment. Both during and after sessions I noticed this clarity, as well, I was able to relax sooner and was releasing my thoughts with ease. I am very happy with the results and look forward to continuing my sessions with Sandy!
— Leonel F.



Contact me to find out more about the sessions I offer in Coquitlam in my “Mind Spa”. I tuck you in with a warm crystal biomat, sprinkle you with aromatherapy while you get to relax, catch up on a nap or read while your brain gets a tune up.

Would you love to support your team? Wellness, productivity, focus, performance and creativity will all benefit from training.

Ask me about how I could bring the performance power of Neurofeedback technology to your workplace, learning centre or sports team.