Neuroptimal Neurofeedback is a brain training system that helps teach your central nervous system to respond like a zen master towards your picky boss, hyper kids and even traffic jams. 

What happens during a session? You get to kick back and listen to relaxing music while the activity of your brain is monitored by sensors which pick up on areas that are not responding optimally. The program then offers suggestions to the brain on how to correct itself. Over time, you can start to notice yourself calmly observing situations that used to push all your buttons.

Just like going to the gym, this is a training and the results build over time, 10-20 sessions providing the most optimal results.

Confused? Questions? These videos help explain the process and share the wide range of results that can be experienced.

I am blown away by how the Neuro Feedback Machine has changed my life, so far. I had heard about the benefits, but never could have imagined how helpful it would be. Sandy provides such a comfortable and safe space that incorporates more than just Neurofeedback. I now feel like I have a grip on my anxiety/depression and am back in control. Its helped me actually change my behaviours and execute on goals I’ve wanted to achieve. Where before I felt like I couldn’t start anything or get going. I look forward to our sessions as it is a truly healing experience of the body, mind and soul.

My story..

After hearing colleagues talk about this modality through the trauma healing world I was training in, I was intrigued, I signed up for 10 sessions not having any idea of what to expect.

By the time I had reached the end of the training I was astonished by the disappearance of the irrational fears that would race through my mind, especially at night time - allowing the best sleep I had experienced in years. 

A few months later I went on to do another 10 sessions and found myself reach a new level of confidence in public speaking, something I had never expected. 

What happened next was it turned into a big desire to be able to offer this to my clients. Now I am delighted as I monitor the changes I'm witnessing in my favourite people. 

Want to be one of them?

Contact me to find out more about the sessions I offer in Coquitlam in my “Mind Spa” where I tuck you in with a warm crystal biomat and aromatherapy, while I tend to your nervous system’s needs. 

As well, ask me about how I could bring the performance power of Neurofeedback technology to your workplace or learning centre to support your hard working team by enhancing creativity, focus and productivity.