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12 Days Of Calm

Does it feel like time is speeding up, people are becoming more disconnected and the world is becoming a more chaotic place?

Do you find it hard to keep up with the pace of life, much less when the holiday season adds an extra layer of busyness?

 As well, for anyone who has experienced loss or has to deal with challenging family situations, the holidays have a way of bringing up buried feelings that can add to the overwhelm.

Could you imagine how it would feel to bring some of the fun-factor back, get anxiety under control, and find some pleasure in your egg-nog latte again?

This program is based on the content of the best selling book, Thriving in Chaos. I will be sharing the secrets of how slowing down just enough to apply cutting-edge mindset, spiritual and nervous system supportive tools, can help you learn how to accomplish more while feeling more like your jolly old self.

Why 12 days? Partly, because there is a Christmas carol with a similar name, to make this fun. Mostly, I made it just long enough to give your self-care routine a makeover without giving you too much more to add to your schedule.

Once you are in the group, take a look at the list of suggested items before we start, then it will be about simply showing up and following along.

I will see you in December!

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