YouR soulmate is waiting for you.                                         

Possibly you have spent months, years or even a lifetime looking for the perfect partner. You have invested your emotions, time and energy into making it work.

Whether you have been looking for long term commitment or a companion for those hikes and movie nights, chances are you may have felt the confusion and hurt that can go hand in hand with dating life.

I have experienced many ups and downs over the years in my marriage. From the new love bliss, to healing from a separation, to now celebrating 34 years together. 

In those years I learned a lot about being brave enough to look at how my life experiences have impacted my ability to interact with and attach to others.  

I spent years trying to 'fix' my anxiety. My fear of abandonment, need for protection, depression and health issues. I made some progress, but nothing really changed until I finally  learned how to understand and look after my nervous system. What changed in my life after that was astonishing. 

It led to my crazy passion for sharing this information and desire to help others transform their lives, and from that the Dow Effect Method was born!

What is the Dow Effect?

It is the astonishing results from applying three essential components of healing that I have used with hundreds of clients to successfully help them to breakthrough patterns of sabotage and fear that keep them from achieving their dreams.  

It involves the Body, Mind and Spirit ( chances are you will have heard that terms used many times before. This is a whole new and powerful version that you will love ) 


Therapeutic specialized nervous system support for helping to learn how to identify and release stuck and resistant patterns. You have your own physiology, that means you need tools specific for you that are right fit to create the success you desire.


You will learn how to help your exhausted and foggy brain, with the non stop thoughts of fear and doubt. As well through an exploration of the younger aspects of yourself that show up in relationship ( have you ever thought you were acting like a 5 year old self on a date? )  you will learn how to do critical work ahead of time to support the part of you that struggles and keep her from sabotaging your best laid plans.


I will help you regain your sense of spark, and desire for life that can get lost when the journey gets tough as we rekindle your connection to what ever gets you through a dark night. As well,  help you deepen your intuition and learn a sacred process for the manifestation of your dreams.

What can you expect after learning how to apply this method to relationship challenges?

More ease and confidence on that first date.

Conversations that are straightforward. Where you know exactly what to do when the self judgements take over. 

The freedom of being unattached to outcome.

Unexpected, amazing possibilities for a fresh relationship with yourself which will then lead to a new and shiny path towards finding your dream-come-true soulmate. 

You will acquire a full-to-the-brim tool box of ways to help you build that calm and self assurance for navigating those first date conversations and more. 

Your nervous system will learn how to regulate itself and stay more resilient in the charged environment of dating and stress with ongoing relationships. 

Your world of possibilities will slowly and gracefully expand.



Single 75 minute "Get out of Crisis Fast" Dow Effect coaching session

On the phone or Skype.

This is ideal for:

-when you need to make a big decision and you are stumped, stuck and freaking out. 

-when your nerves are turning you into a stammering 5 year old before a big date and you need to get your confidence rocking asap.

-when breakup or breakdown happens, you are a sobbing mess and need to get out of shock.


"Your Relationship Revolution." 6 week, one-on-one coaching package, with the Dow Effect Coaching Method

 6 session package. Phone or Skype.

Book a free consultation with me to find out more!

“Sandy has supported me through some times in my life when my nervous system was in overdrive and I was healing some deep-seated fears and trauma. Her intuitive, nurturing nature makes for the perfect amount of support while leaving space for the natural unfolding of whatever wants to be expressed and/or healed. I highly recommend Sandy’s assistance for finding the way home. From there the possibilities are endless!”
— Alissa Martin | Yoga Instructor | Health Coach