Does this sound familiar?

You can't make a decision without your mind debating every possible, disastrous outcome.

Brain fog and stress have you feeling lost and confused.

Making choices and moving forward can feel more like a death sentence then an opportunity.

When you are feeling abandoned by your instincts and reasoning, another perspective and window into your internal world can be enormously helpful.

Just as indigenous people would seek counsel, coupled with ritual and prayer from elders or a Shaman to help them make decisions.

You may also benefit from spiritual "vision" and guidance to help navigate the roadblocks in li so you can feel more confident making those tough decisions.

Because chances are, you are going to feel disconnected from your intuition in times of stress, right when you need it the most!

I have found these ancient tools to be enormously helpful both in times of crisis and transition.

In the hundreds of Shamanic journeys I have done over the years, I have deepened and enriched the relationship with my spiritual helping guides. They are my "go to" for accessing information for myself and my clients when confusion reigns.

I offer Shamanic "readings"  combine channeled wisdom with oracle cards in a powerful, unique and integration process, to help you receive and integrate the guidance you are searching for, so you can make those next steps rock solid.



Clarity ~  Direction ~ Relief  

"Guidance that feels good"



                                                           30 minute reading $75

                                                           60 minute reading $150

“The purity of Sandy’s intention and intuitive insight into my wellbeing is something I had never experienced before. The sessions ground me, and help me to accept and explore my own gifts. The guidance, insight, and ongoing spiritual envelopment I have received through this process, has supported me immensely in accomplishing my dreams.”

— Chele Matthews | Melbourne Australia