What is the Dow Effect?

The Dow Effect is a method that has evolved from my study in both ancient spiritual practices and the latest cutting edge brain science techniques that support the resolution of trauma from the nervous system. I have used this with hundreds of clients to successfully help them to breakthrough the patterns of sabotage and fear that keeps them from achieving their dreams in all areas of their lives.

There are 3 components to the transformative process. The Body, Mind and Spirit.

Chances are you will have heard that term used many times before, however I apply these principles in a unique and powerful way.


This where you will receive specialized therapeutic nervous system support so you can learn how to identify and release stuck and resistant patterns of trauma in the body. Your physiology is unique and has been influenced by the experiences you have gone through in your life. Here you will acquire your own specific tools from the latest in brain science research to ease the stress and overwhelm in your physical body which can have an effect on everything from health issues, emotional stress, anxiety, resistance to change and low self esteem.


Not only will you learn how to calm and restore your exhausted, foggy and overworked brain, but I will also help you to recognize the younger part of yourself in that fearful, angry or sad voice you hear in your mind.  Based on the shamanic process of soul retrieval, I will help you to identify the  wounded aspects of your being that become triggered when you want to take a step forward, so you can then learn how to bring compassion to that younger self to keep her from sabotaging your dreams.


We will help you regain your connection to the part of your soul or life force that can become lost when the when the journey gets tough. I will offer you practices to help rebuild your spiritual foundation which will then tune you back into your intuition. Then together we will create a sacred manifestation process that you can use to supercharge your dreams.

What you will experience.

Sessions are going to be as much about the sensations as the conversations. 

If you were to share about a struggle you were having in your life, I would to pause you before you got too far into the story and ask what you are feeling in your body.  This brings your awareness to your body’s reaction which will allow you to experience your emotions and your story in a new way.  From there we keep watching, and getting curious. What happened is important and even more so is learning to track our bodies response to that. 

Transformation with staying power. 



Starting a business can be an emotional roller coaster as you try to keep your cool through the challenges that come your way. The Business Effect is a game changing process that will create a whole new framework for radical success.


As a speaker, musician and performer, you will be dedicating energy and time before your event to prepare in every way you can.  Make sure you have the best tool for success in your back pocket. These sessions are focused around creating the ultimate performance platform, by building it from the inside.


Have you ever noticed that just when you are ready to start dating again that  doubts, fears and panic take over? Or perhaps you are ready to throw in the towel after too many disappointments. Experience completely new possibilities for relationship in this program.



“As a TED Speaker the pressure to perform and do it really well is huge.
Sandy’s method allowed me to centre, focus and feel grounded, which allowed me to shine my light and speak my truth fully.
Sandy’s sublime presence and “I got your back” attitude, held me strong and prepared me for one of my best speaking engagements ever.”
— Sumar Shatta Therapist | Speaker | Author