Your dream is clear.

Let's get you ready from the inside out.

Your burning desire is to make an impact.

You have been trained, coached, educated and are primed to create the best opportunity possible for your dreams.

But there is one critical factor that you don't want to miss because it can sabotage your best-laid plans in a heartbeat.

That is the effect of symptoms of high stress and pressure on your nervous system. The long hours, deadlines, deal-breaking decisions, unwavering self-confidence and endurance you need to succeed takes a toll.

Brain fog, exhaustion, self-doubt, nagging health issues and a racing mind can turn your passion into drudgery, and it's going to show.

Here's where I come in...


Individual Coaching

 ~3 month one-on-one mentorship. 

Create a solid internal structure for success.

~6 week Performance coaching package.

Laser focused coaching for an upcoming event or launch.


What you receive.

- You have me as your nervous system watch-dog. As we work together, I gain critical understanding of how the physiology of stress is impacting your body and mind.

 ~You receive customized tools to fit the needs of your individual nervous system.

- You learn my secrets to de-escalating anxiety and stress while under pressure so you can keep your focus and your edge sharp.

- You gain access to a spiritual support structure that will offer you a way to tap into a deep source of confidence and power.

- You acquire ways of working with self-defeating thoughts and can calm the voice of doubt.


6 week package $1047

3 month package $1897


                              Blending science and soul. Creating powerful new possibilities. 


“Sandy’s sublime presence and “I got your back” attitude held me strong and prepared me for one of my best speaking engagements ever!”
— Sammar Shatta Speaker | Author | Therapist


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“Sandy has the key to unlock fears and transform them into powers. Her coaching helped me speak in front of an international TV marketing audience appearing relaxed, focused and confident. And Sandy is so much fun to work with!”
— Kathy Daily Executive Coach | Consultant