you want the secret to igniting your audience every time

You know when your performance has been exceptional. You were calm, your focus was sharp, your thoughts clear, and you felt a deep connection with your audience.

Your pace was perfect, you made eye contact, moved and stood with confidence, and left the stage with a feeling of gratitude


If this sounds like you, congratulations!!

But the reality is, vulnerabilities tend to creep in and stress builds as time gets closer, creating the self-judgement and anxiety that can cause you to go blank, ramble, and become forgetful while under pressure.

Stress can also cause the migraines, digestive break down’s, and sleep loss which can result in those nasty eye bags the night before your event. Not the look you were hoping for while in the spotlight.  

This is where I come in. One on one sessions for creating new possibilities.  Here's what you can expect:

Tools you can use right when you need them to rapidly decrease anxiety and keep you rooted in your power.

- A critical understanding of your nervous system; how the physiology of stress impacts your body and mind when you are under pressure, and what to do to counteract it.

- A spiritual support structure that is going to help you take what you do to the next level.

- Ways to work with self-defeating thoughts and that voice of doubt.

I believe you are not going to find anything else quite like the impact of this powerful and unique combination of support. 


“Sandy’s sublime presence and “I got your back” attitude held me strong and prepared me for one of my best speaking engagements ever!”
— Sammar Shatta Speaker | Author | Therapist


Single 75 minute 'Empower your Expression' coaching session.

6 Session "Perform at your Peak" coaching package

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“Sandy has the key to unlock fears and transform them into powers. Her coaching helped me speak in front of an international TV marketing audience appearing relaxed, focused and confident. And Sandy is so much fun to work with!”
— Kathy Daily Executive Coach | Consultant