The Mindful Path to Thriving in 2018.
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The Mindful Path to Thriving in 2018.

Are you feeling weary and taken down by 2017? Are you hoping for a much improved 2018?

For these fast-paced, challenging times we are in, a fresh approach is critical for creating the positive changes and goals we desire.

In this experiential evening, we will go deeper than a list of New Year goals.

Together, we will explore tools and resources you can use, in the moment, for moving ahead in a more tuned-in way.

What you will experience:

- a powerful process to help you bring closure to the last year before diving into the new one.

- exercises to teach you how to work with the leftover emotions that get in the way of you moving ahead with clarity and focus.

- a deeper understanding of the natural world around you and how this critical relationship can help you become more calm and confident.

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12 Days of Calm
to Dec 15

12 Days of Calm

This program is based on the content of the best selling book, Thriving in Chaos. I will be sharing the secrets of how slowing down just enough to apply cutting-edge mindset, spiritual and nervous system supportive tools, can help you learn how to accomplish more while feeling more like your jolly old self.

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