Are You AN entrepreneur, or artist, who is interested in the leading formula for unlocking the mysteries to success?

Have you ever considered that your business, event or artistic creation might have an essence or consciousness of it's own?

Exploring this possibility opens a whole new paradigm for achievement.

After many years of helping clients manage stress as a nervous system specialist and reconnecting them to the spiritual world as a Shamanist, I have witnessed astonishing, unexpected results when applying these tools to business.

By looking after these critical factors as well as your practiced external world methods, you can hugely impact your potential for the achievement you desire in the most brilliant way.

I call this blending of Science and Soul The Dow Effect ™.  The perfect combination of cutting edge tools for stress reduction and inspirational practices to transform your performance, business or event.


A single 75 minute Dow Effect "from crisis to confident" coaching session. On the phone, Sykpe or Zoom.

What is this session for?

 That time building up to your launch, time in the spotlight or big decision where you realize you are becoming paralyzed with terror and self doubt.  When we are done you will be back on your feet, with your confidence re-installed and your mind clear and ready to go with tools in your pocket to offset another crash.

Empower your Expression 6 session coaching package.


If you are ready for the missing element to grace your success with an ease and confidence that you have never experienced before, you are in the right place. You’re ready to experience The Dow Effect ™.

Single sessions are available upon request and availability. 

Book a free consultation with me to find out more!

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“Prior to a launch for a new program, I had the privilege of working with Sandy Dow and experiencing firsthand the depth of her skills. I was blown away by her ability to quickly assist me in finding inner calm when my external environment and business demands were so high.
As a woman who runs on a high energy, full throttle attitude, having Sandy on my resource team is invaluable.”
— Penny L. Sampson | Assertiveness Trainer & Anti-Brand Stylist, Editor in Chief of FIERCE Magazine for the Rebel Femme