Mother's Day

Mother's Day.jpg

Today, I am noticing how much the quality of mothering goes hand in hand with nurturing, as I
find myself filled with gratitude for how deeply nurtured I have felt, my whole life, by my precious
mother - thank you, mom! 

As well, just how nurtured I can feel spending time in the forest, with friends and family, curled
up with my dog, listening to the birdsong in the morning and when standing close to the ocean.
Nurturing is not feminine or masculine. But more about the way we tend to seedlings in the
garden. Sacrifice sleep for the needs of a baby. Give our time to a person who is struggling.
How we make a stand to protect our wild creatures or planet. How we share love with our pets.
What’s also important, and too often missed, is how we nurture ourselves.

On a day like today that can evoke emotions from tenderness and joy to agony and pain, it can
be a reminder to take time to honor and nurture our own journey while we honor the mothers of
the world...

(The photo above was captured on the playa, at burning man, as the sun was beginning to set one evening. I remember weeping with emotion when I came across the stunning creations. They
were covered in dust and yet glowing with a radiance no words can describe.)