End Well to Start Fresh


Have you ever felt like, even though a year has ended, it doesn’t really feel ‘finished?'

Perhaps, you still feel leftover emotions, memories, and events replaying in your mind, keeping you awake at night or contributing to that knot in your back.

In this fast paced world, time clamors by, so quickly, that tears are often not shed for the losses, accomplishments get forgotten rather than celebrated, and anger can be left simmering under the surface.

And then, before you have a chance to breathe, January drops in.

Some people are ready to dive into resolutions, but for others, hurtling forward can feel like a bad rash, and you can find yourself spent, frazzled and ready to pull the covers over your head.

So here’s another perspective for those of you who might be feeling guilty for not having a goal list posted on your fridge...

Here, in North America, winter is reflected back to us in snow covered mountains, still forests and bare branches. An underlying rhythm that whispers of stillness, restoration, and hibernation.

A cycle, that is important, for germinating the seeds of desires in the spring.

How would it be to use the winter quiet to start January a bit more slowly and take some time to process the year that has passed?

Find a link below, to another blog post that explains a powerful process I use frequently for ‘completion' ( you will find more cool exercises like this in my upcoming book coming out soon! )

Are you ready to start fresh? Learn how to 'end' well...