Turtle wisdom

I am not sure about you, but my heart has been heavy and my mind distracted by the devastating fires in the news..

This morning while stuck in traffic, I decided I needed to find a way to escape from my thoughts. Detour made, forested area found and 20 minutes later I find myself at a stunning lake.

Something immediately caught my eye. It was a turtle basking in the sun by the water.

Not the encounter I was expecting to have this morning.. I noticed myself lingering for a long time, taking in the stillness. Then leaving with a sense of much needed peace inside.

Later, as I tend to do with animal encounters, I came home and looked up the spiritual meaning of turtle.

I found out that It is considered to be the 'Peace-Maker' in Native American traditions.

Apparently the wisdom and symbolism of turtle is about teaching us to slow down and rest when we feel we are getting overwhelmed by a situation or our emotions.

Turtle is here to offer us a reminder to stop and become grounded, even in moments of disturbance and chaos.

Wow. Message received.

I had a sense that turtle would want it's medicine to be shared, so here it is.

A little bit of wisdom from nature, to us.

PS if you are ever curious about an animal 'showing up' in a curious moment ( even on the side of a bus like it often does for me ) search it under animal totem or animal spirit and be prepared to be astonished..


Just what I needed to hear.

What a weekend. Full to say the least.  While managing a head cold, I threw in a house full of family and celebration with our grandbaby's birthday and somehow managed to squeeze in an evening with Eckhart Tolle as he spoke his truth to a captive crowd in Vancouver.

We can get inspired by reading books and watching podcasts but there is something powerful about hearing a message in person, with the cell phone off.

When we take in an experience with all the senses, we can feel the transmission.

The take aways? Many. But this quote below sums it up quite nicely. We can so easily bypass life by missing the moment we are in right now.

Deeply grateful for that reminder as I stroked the soft hair of a baby yesterday with deep presence. Today? A whole new day of moments to be aware of..