My 3 Favourite Tips for Creating a Better Start to the New Year

New Year 2018.jpg

Happy warm and tender first day of the calendar new year!

Have you heard any of the latest talk about how reviewing your previous year helps with your goals for 2018?

I have, and it’s been making me smile. I really believe spending time with what has past is an essential component to getting the traction we need for moving forward.

Because, whether we like it or not, the past lives on inside of us until it has been ‘completed.'

It’s waiting for us to finish crying those tears, to honour the impact of a loss, own our anger or celebrate our achievements.

However, there is a big piece that's often being missed, which frustrates me.

Closure is not just a thinking exercise, it's a feeling one.

And it can be tricky.

Because really ‘feeling’ is deep. It's edgy, messy and not for the faint of heart. In fact, often we may think we have done our work moving through those deep emotions, when in fact, we haven’t even come close.

That leaves us at risk of all that unfinished business staying active in our nervous system, and it’s going to make our bodies feel uncomfortable.

It will create insomnia, illnesses, digestive upsets and fuel the self-defeating voice in our head that’s ready to sabotage our best-laid plans.

Eventually, over the years, I came to realize not taking time to properly process events I had gone through, the good and the bad, was the cause of my list of resolutions ending up in the trash can by February.

Here’s how I now do things differently when Jan. 1st comes around.

I take my time.

I don’t get caught up in the urgency to jump in. I let the stillness of winter remind me I can let go of all the hype to get going and hurry up into the new. I am now ok with the fact my body aches for more rest this time of year and I notice how winter’s quiet offers me a space for contemplation and for completion.

I let myself do more feeling.

I may spend weeks or months lingering over something ready to heal. I will journal about it, surrender my emotions to the forest, listen to the wisdom of my sensations and to the voice of my soul.

It doesn’t mean I stop life, but I do what I can to move slow enough to open a way to my inner guidance. So I can ensure my future visions are coming from a place of deep alignment, not from a ‘should do’ list.

I connect with my deeper desires. The dreams and longings I have for my health, passion and creativity.

I allow myself to get really clear on what it is I care about, how I want to feel, and let that be my compass.

What I find is my desires then bubble up and shine with a clarity that helps to fuel me on my path.

May winter be your compass and offer you a gentle beginning to 2018.