Happy Spring! It has arrived, even if the weather still needs some time to catch up :)

A change in seasons is a beautiful reason to stop the busyness for few moments in our day and be mindful of our relationship with the precious world around us. Here are some ways to do that...

Give the energy of your home or office a cleansing with some smudge or with a spray bottle of lemon water, open all the windows and welcome in the air and sound of the birds. Give a gift of flowers to your home.

Take a trip outside and leave some nuts or seeds as an offering to the land, trees, and earth and stop to take in the beauty of nature, even if it is just a small bit of green poking through a gray concrete sidewalk. Bend over and pick up some trash.

Plant seeds of intentions or desires for yourself today by writing them down and putting them in a special place.

Give love our natural world, her breath, and her cycles today, and let's teach our children to do the same.

Mother Earth gives so much to us, let's not forget to give back to her...