A few days ago a message arrived in my inbox that had me grabbing for the kleenex...

“Hey, Sandy! I wanted to let you know that I have been using some of the strategies in your book to help me with some off and on anxiety. In fact the other night I was struggling with something and was trying to think of ways to calm myself and remembered I had support at my fingertips. I picked up the Ipad, opened your ebook, turned to the chapter on anxiety, stepped thru a few of your strategies, and was soon fast asleep. So this is me saying thank-you."

That little note left me warm with gratitude. Easing the remnants of fatigue and self-doubt that you can't escape from, like those cobwebs you stumble into first thing in the morning.

And, for me, it was a compelling reminder. 

To believe in the things you can create. The song, blog, art, book, performance, business or workshop. 

Which includes the love you put into that pot of soup, flower garden and people you watch over.

A reminder to fight hard for those scraps of time, morsels of energy and spark you have to keep doing what's precious to you.

To not stop trusting in your own truth. 

To know you are doing your best in every moment. Especially when it’s messy. 

To take what you’ve got and polish it up, stand back, take a look and be damn proud. 

Then, just like the mama and papa birds do when it is time for their babies to fly... love it enough to set it free and share it with the world.