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Is it just me or does it feel like everywhere you look these days there is heartbreak and tragedy? So many people (maybe including yourself) are going through some damn hard stuff.

I wish I had a good answer to why this is happening so intensely that would make sense of it all.

But here's what I do know - everything expands and contracts.

The planet. The energy. The seasons. Your nervous system. Everything. Sometimes it gets really dark, then the light filters back in.

Not a bad thing to remind yourself of when you're in one of those uncomfortable, contracted states.

And because I have spent my fair share of time over the years in that "I can hardly breathe because I am so overwhelmed" place, not that long ago, I took some time to compile some of the tools I discovered along the way and (still!) use to help myself at times I am waiting for that expansion to return.

I also know, one way to not get thrown under the bus, when life gets crazy, is to truly commit to yourself, so you don't get lost on the way to becoming the you of your dreams.

What I want to do is start a movement, a "Thriving in Chaos Movement," where people can gather, learn and connect.

The first step to that is the release of my printed book which will be launching on September 19.

I would be honored if you joined and shared about my event (link below). That is where to find all of the updates on how you can become part of the movement.

Wishing you some expansion in your day.

Thriving in Chaos Launch Event