August Pause

crescent moon.jpg

As far at the stars go, August is quite a full month, to say the least. Two eclipses are on the charts Aug 7 and 21, which have a way of intensifying emotions (feeling it yet?) 'creating' events, and unmasking what has been hidden. 

Stirring the pot a wee bit we might say.

As well, a lot is being written about the second eclipse as being a once-in-a-lifetime event due to its path being only over the US. 

Let's layer a mercury retrograde on top of it all.

Does that mean all gloom and doom? Not necessarily! In fact, often uncomfortable times can be powerfully transformative when we work with the energies instead of against them.

What I suggest, is see it as a good opportunity to make sure we don't slide on doing the things that keep us in balance. We know what they are, but chances are we don't always prioritize self-care or feel like we have the time. 

So here is something short and sweet, remembering that less can be more and simple is best. 

Slow. It. Down. 

Catch your self when your mind and body are racing, take 15 seconds (who doesn't have 15 seconds?) and try this...

Pause. Stretch your eyes up for a few breaths. 

Then, drop your gaze and gently look around. Take in the sounds and what you see for a few moments. 

Then, place your attention and your hand on your heart and think of something or someone you love. Ice cream, puppies, the ocean, your grandma. Hang out for another moment or two.


Do this often and you will interrupt the monkey mind, slow the racing physiology and create a moment of peace where there wasn't one before. 

If you are interested you can read more about the energies here...