What Do You Do To Support Yourself?

I have to say, Monday was a strange day. The news left me reeling in shock. So much so, that it has taken me until today to be able to articulate how I wanted to respond.

What I know is, tragic images of people experiencing great devastation and loss have a huge impact on our physiology, our hearts, and our souls.

And through the world of instant messaging, we can also experience violence.

So, if this is what we are facing, I want to be a nag about the importance of being aware of our levels of stress and anxiety.

Being able to support ourselves first, allows us to then be able to much more effectively support others.

How do feel after seeing graphic images on the news?

What do you do to support yourself?

Here is a tool, along with a spiritual perspective I hope can offer some help.

Along with a prayer of peace to those affected 💗