Turtle wisdom

I am not sure about you, but my heart has been heavy and my mind distracted by the devastating fires in the news..

This morning while stuck in traffic, I decided I needed to find a way to escape from my thoughts. Detour made, forested area found and 20 minutes later I find myself at a stunning lake.

Something immediately caught my eye. It was a turtle basking in the sun by the water.

Not the encounter I was expecting to have this morning.. I noticed myself lingering for a long time, taking in the stillness. Then leaving with a sense of much needed peace inside.

Later, as I tend to do with animal encounters, I came home and looked up the spiritual meaning of turtle.

I found out that It is considered to be the 'Peace-Maker' in Native American traditions.

Apparently the wisdom and symbolism of turtle is about teaching us to slow down and rest when we feel we are getting overwhelmed by a situation or our emotions.

Turtle is here to offer us a reminder to stop and become grounded, even in moments of disturbance and chaos.

Wow. Message received.

I had a sense that turtle would want it's medicine to be shared, so here it is.

A little bit of wisdom from nature, to us.

PS if you are ever curious about an animal 'showing up' in a curious moment ( even on the side of a bus like it often does for me ) search it under animal totem or animal spirit and be prepared to be astonished..