A random act of selfish love.

Valentine's Day. For those of us lucky enough to have someone to share some love with, its a beautiful thing.

But if we don't, how about considering directing a little bit of that warm and fuzzy stuff toward ourselves?

It is surprising how much more challenging it can be to treat ourselves with love and compassion, than to do that for someone else.

Maybe resting when our body is tired, a massage, the best chocolate, or taking time to read or hike the forest.

Trust that the experience of digging deep inside to find our own desires is an act of love in itself.

So whether we are showering a partner with adoration or not, lets be sure to send some affection our own way.

A random act of selfish love. Something we rarely do. Something that brings a smile.

For me today? Feeling blessed as I depart for vacation with my sweetheart and I intend to read fiction instead of books on brain science.

Paulo Coelho and some chocolate to fill the soul.