Do daily routines trigger the 'muse"?


I love to learn while I am cooking!

While making a pot of soup today, I listened to a podcast with Robin Sharma, and tonight I am pondering his wisdom about how "daily routines trigger the muse".

Translated? How having set routines in your day help to create inspiration.

Well, my daily routines sure need some work, how about yours?

Starting tomorrow? My intention is to roll out of bed and do 10 minutes of regular exercise ( on the days I don't make it to my son's yoga class ) a few minutes of energy exercises ( I like Donna Eden's 5 minute energy routine ) and make my green breakfast smoothie right after.

Ok that does not sound like much, but right now exercise of any type is pretty random these days, and breakfast can be hours late if I get busy with work.

So lets find out if my "muse" is triggered by a new routine, and see what else I can put on my list to expand it a little more.

I know for sure, the next thing I will want to add will have to be something fun.. will it be juggling?