The art of the silly grin.

Does the world feel like it is getting full of aggressive drivers, and people writing nasty comments on blog posts?

Does it feel impossible to find someone to have coffee with who is not complaining about their finances or the weather?

Unhappy vibes in others can drag you down, and add to the level of stress you are already trying to manage. Not a good scene.

Try this when everyone’s bad mood is ruining your day...

Walk around with a silly grin on your face.

Not only does smiling change the physiology and chemistry in your own body, but it will also improve in the people who see your joy-filled face!

The cool thing is, that it works even if you are not feeling happy. Faking a smile is just fine (though recalling your last vacation could add some sparkle to it! )

Try it in your most unfavorite situations.

Smile at your companions in the long grocery line up, and see what happens. Chances are your line up will be the one who gets the benefit of the new clerk opening up her till, that has happened to me!

Creating happiness in your body is likely going to create it in someone else's, and what a great way to make the world a brighter place.