Musings of a Shamanic mom.

So how does a Shamanic mom and wife manage when her family is spread out all over the word?

Right now my husband is away working in India for a week, and my daughter is off on a whirlwind trip to Holland.

Years ago I would have been frantic.


When I want to hold an intention for safety, heath, or the well being of others, I create an altar.

I gather sacred objects and crystals as offerings to our family’s protective “totem” animal, and also write out my wishes for their time away. I keep all of this in a spot that I will visit often to connect with the feeling that all is well, and divinely looked after.

This also helps to keep me calm when my husband cycles hundreds of miles alone on his bike trips!

Not only do I feel better, but it also gives my family a sense of comfort and protection.

It is not uncommon for them to come back astonished about the ease of their travel, or surprised about wonderful encounters they experienced along the way.

We have lost count of how many times our totem animal has appeared to us in some form over the years as we have been travelling!

Shamanism is not a religion, but a practice that allows a deepening into sacred connections with the natural world in its seen and unseen forms.

Sometimes, a belief in something much greater than ourselves can be just what we need to get through stressful times.