Stretching the comfort zone.

Life in the fast lane

September 20, 2014

Life for me this month is all about showing up for the experiences and challenging my comfort zone.

Along with some sweet times with my girlfriends this past weekend in the Napa Valley getting a VIP tour of the stunning vineyards, I had a chance to try my hand at shooting guns.

That included a shotgun almost as big as me, and a 9mm pistol.  A lot for this Canadian gal who has never even seen a gun up close.

Was I uncomfortable? Yes.

Flashbacks to working in ER, and seeing the other side of guns? Big time.

Back away from something that makes me uncomfortable? Not a chance.

During my recent trip to Burning Man, I experienced the discomfort of having my edges and comfort zone pushed so many times it made my head spin.

I lost my bike in a dust storm, shoved myself off the edge of a terrifying drop inside of a “volcano”, and constantly tested my own limits around self expression, just to name a few..

The after effects of all of that? A new sense of aliveness, and a stronger than ever confidence for helping me tackle my fears.

A sweet new elixir for my spirit.

Needless to say target practice went well!