Who's business are you in?


Ever have one of those days where you find yourself frustrated with everything that is happening in your world??

Your child should get better grades.  Your partner should notice you are tired and cook you dinner.  You need a better job. Your sore back should get better.  The traffic should move faster.  Your bank account should have more money in it.  You should to get to the gym more. There is no time to rest or play with your kid.

People, bodies, jobs, bank balances, even the snow conditions are what they are, but what happens when we think things should be different?

We feel stress. Along with that might be a nagging stomach ache, migraine, or that sore back we can't shake.

Right now I have a cough, and notice when I get annoyed and decide it should be gone, I swear I cough more.  

When I accept that coughing is happening, I then trust my body has something to say to me that I should be paying attention to. That helps me stop and figure out what I really need ( like rest! )  and wouldn't you know it, the coughing always seems to lighten up…

We will always have a desire for things to be a certain way, but when we insist situations, people, or even our health should be different, we are going against “what is”. 

Fact? We are actually creating our own stress every time we show up in someone else’s business, our bodies business, or the universe’s business.

Damn.  Much easier when we belive our stress comes from the partner we think is not listening to us, rather than taking responsiblity for our thoughts around it.

Best part about accepting “what is”?

When we drop our story that things need to be different, we don’t waste time or energy waiting around for situations or people to change.  

Trust me, this is going to free up some time for something a lot more fun :)

Not convinced? Want more? 

Check out the work of someone else I am a big fan of - Byron Katie.  http://www.byronkatie.com