Loose ends?

Before you spend too much time on your dreams for the new year, I am curious if you have taken time to “finish” with the last one? 

Our lives are full of endings, beginnings, relationships, travels, tragedies, moves, accomplishments and more. Often events race by so fast we hardly have time to digest them before something else is on us.

One thing I like to pay attention to for myself and my clients is integration, or taking time to pause, feel and “complete” the experiences we have gone through.

This can be fun to do with the good events, not quite so pleasant with the tough stuff, but critical for helping to get to the other side of challenges.

As even though we want may want to move on, our bodies can hold onto our experiences.

Stressful or traumatic events can have an affect on the nervous system if they have not been allowed to fully process. They can trigger flashbacks, cause physical illness or pain, and we can become exhausted from unconsciously keeping emotions under wraps. 

Here's a good way to tidy up the loose ends of 2014.. 

Create some "me" time in your schedule.

Though stop right here if you think you don’t have enough time, as I might suggest you first take a moment to dedicate 2015 to changing your priorities around that. 

Make some tea, get your journal, then make a list of the sweetest and lousiest events from 2014. 

Then take time to sit with each one and notice what you feel in your body when you think about it.

As you follow the sensations that arise become aware of emotions waiting for a chance to surface and gently allow them to be. Then honour yourself for making it through the tough stuff.

Just as important? Paying attention to feelings of accomplishment and giving yourself that pat on the back for things gone well.

Benefits? This powerful integration process is going to help you feel more settled, complete and at peace with what was, so your dreams for 2015 can sparkle a little brighter.

Though for those times when life can take us down and we need some extra help, I specialize in trauma and spirituality, and have a way of blending it together that helps people move gently through the dark stuff so they can do a better job spreading their magic in the world.

If you feel like this is the year you are ready to get somewhere you never thought possible, send me a message and lets have a chat about your dreams and how my work could help you get there.