Change of Seasons

As the seasons change I love to reflect on all that has happened since the last equinox, and I am certainly noticing how much has changed within myself.

The video I taped for my website a few months ago is a reminder for me of just how far I have come bringing myself and my business out into the world.

I give credit to the powerful modality of Somatic Experiencing for transforming me from a visibility "wallflower", to someone who could have fun taping a video in a recording studio!

I use this modality when working with my clients, and also for myself when I need support, as I often push myself out of my comfort zone faster than my nervous system can keep up with.

What's next? I am packing my suitcase again now to head to Victoria for a week of SE training with people from all over North America, as I enter my third and advanced year of the program!

It is always fun to hang out with a gang of people who are also as crazy as I am about studying the nervous system, and share in witnessing the profound relief this modality can bring for those impacted by stress and trauma.

I am also deeply and humbly grateful to my Shamanic teacher and SE practitioner Larry Kessler for encouraging me to step into the powerful world of body centred therapy which has allowed me to shine my light more brightly.