Why people should hibernate too.

January is finishing, a chapter of winter behind us ( though we are not feeling much winter here with the bulbs popping and winter jackets idle in the closet! ).

How does this leave you feeling? If you had thoughts that projects should have been started and the new fitness routine would be fully underway but this was not your reality, consider this..

There is a natural flow to the seasons and a rhythm of life that we can become disconnected from in our society. The season of winter is traditionally about deeper rest, ( the bears are doing it right! ) and germinating and percolating dreams that will emerge full force in the spring as we return restored.

Our energy is in full force by summer.

If it has felt challenging for you to leap headfirst into January, and you are beating yourself up for what has "not" happened, allow yourself permission to feel stillness with the hushed winter trees.

Know that your energy and desires are building steadily as we turn closer to spring. 

Winter quiet can create powerfully fertile ground for the growth of your dreams..